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IT and Digital Solutions for Digital Entrepreneurship (Level 2)

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Module: IT tools for digital entrepreneurship
Unit 1: ICT tools for financial management

IntroductionClick to read         Play Audio
Accounting Software for Small BusinessClick to read         Play Audio
Unit 2: ICT Tools for business management

Business management tool conceptClick to read         Play Audio
Project and task managementClick to read         Play Audio
Customer relationship management (CRM) softwareClick to read         Play Audio
File storage and documents sharingClick to read         Play Audio
Unit 3: ICT Tools for entrepreneurship promotion and start-up creation, for communication and branding

IntroductionClick to read         Play Audio
Start-up creationClick to read         Play Audio
Entrepreneurship promotionClick to read         Play Audio
CommunicationClick to read         Play Audio
BrandingClick to read         Play Audio
Feedback formClick to read  
BibliographyClick to read  

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