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The mission of Center for Creative Training (CCT) is to enhance the overall learning environment in Bulgaria through the implementation of personalised technological solutions for educational institutions, the creation of innovative teacher training programs, and youth programming.

CCT is the author of 16 teacher training programmes. The training programs aimed at the meaningful integration of and holistic approach to technology in the classroom. Among the most frequented training programs are “School  in the cloud”, “Design and implementation of ICT”, and “Instruments for attractive education”. All training programs are approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and have an ISO Certificate of Excellence. CCT’s position is that the purchase of new technologies and teachers’ trainings are by themselves insufficient to bring about educational transformation. What is needed is a holistic approach combining the meaningful implementation of technology, innovative learning environment design, and strategic planning. Educational transformation has to have a clear objective, in sync with the demands of today, attuned to the future.

CCT initiatives are summarized below:

-    Schools of the Future - Technological consultant and partner in the creation of a technologically innovative educational environment for the program “Schools of the Future” by the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

-    Science Camp - The international “Science Camp” program, taking place in Bulgaria, designed and organised by CCT, which brings together young people with scientists for 5 days of workshops and science activities.

-    the ‘School in the cloud’ initiative aiming to integrate cloud-based platforms for education in Bulgaria.

-    ‘Virtual and augmented reality in a learning environment’. In includes innovative teaching methods by using applications such as Google expedition.

CCT provides LEGO education to promote STEAM disciplines by paying particular attention to students’ cognitive development.
•    Initiation
o    The main reason to introduce all of the above-mentioned initiatives is the need to transform the education by deploying available technological solutions and tools.
o    What were the main objectives to achieve with the initiative?
•    Target group(s)
o    Young people;
o    Children at risk;
o    Children from disadvantaged background;  
o    Children from minority groups;
o    Teachers and other teaching personnel.
Since 2008, CCT has been actively involved in the field of educational transformation. In 2017, CCT became the first and only official partner of Google for education in Bulgaria and in the region for professional development, services (G suite for education) and sales (Chromebook devices).

Experts from the CCT team are active in various educational and technological initiatives, some of which are:
•    the Innovative Schools Commission for the Ministry for Education;
•    the working group on the strategy for education development for Plovdiv Municipality;
•    becoming the only Google certified innovators in the field of education in Bulgaria;
•    the national coordinators of Space Camp Turkey’s programs in Bulgaria:;
•    Supporting structures (e.g. municipal structures, collective agreement, legislation, research institutes/universities);
•    Financing:
o    Funding, public and political incentives, invested costs;
o    Return on investment (if measurable).

Strengths and lessons learnt
The undertaken holistic approach towards digitalising education by introducing novel contemporary teaching and learning methodologies had a positive impact on the overall educational development.
The overall approach creates conditions for an interesting and engaging learning process that engenders and retains young people's interest in learning and reduces the likelihood of early school leaving.



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