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A distractor

An element of our environment that distracts us and thus prevents us from focusing on the task at hand


Any effort or programme designed to increase value or avoid commoditisation by building a differentiated brand


Is the practice aimed to valorise and mainstream among the general public a product, a service and/or the organisation’s image.

Brand message

Or brand narrative, is a simple straightforward story that intends to communicate the value of a brand to a specific target market.

Brand persona

Imaginary characters that represent potential users or target markets for a product or service.

Brand voice

In branding, the unique personality of a company or brand is expressed in its verbal and written communications; it is the verbal dimension of a brand personality.

Business management software

Application or set of programs that help companies and entrepreneurs to support, improve and automate their processes

Business Angels

Are those people who decide to invest in new projects (largely digital) to support their launch and growth and achieve a return with the increase in the value of their participation over time.


Is the process of funding a venture or project by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people

Customer relationship management (CRM) software

CRM is a customer relationship management software, aimed at managing several vital areas: sales management, marketing and customer service, among others.

Digital Communication

A type of communication in which information/ thoughts/ ideas are encoded digitally and are transferred electronically to the receiver

Digital Entrepreneurship

Digital entrepreneurship is broadly defined as creating new ventures and transforming existing businesses by developing novel digital technologies and/or novel usage of such technologies, (European Commission, 2015).

Digital Leader

Manager who understands how technologies can most effectively enhance the qualities of human capital

Financial management software

Business software used to monitor and manage revenues, expenses and assets with the goals of maximizing profits and business sustainability

Financial Plan

document structured in 3 sections. Balance Sheet, in order to report Assets and Liabilities; Profit and Loss Account, which shows income and expenses for a specific period of time; Cash Flow Statement, that provides aggregate data regarding all cash inflows a company receives from its ongoing operations and external investment sources.


A grant is funding for projects contributing to EU policies. Grants may be awarded in different fields, from research or education to humanitarian aid. Grants are awarded to private and public organisations, and exceptionally to individuals

Gantt Chart

graphic built on a horizontal axis - which represents the total time span of the project, divided into incremental phases (e.g., days, weeks, months) - and a vertical axis - which represents the tasks or activities that make up the project.

Hard Skills (in the context of digital communication)

The skills that are required in order to conduct digital communication. Those skills are specific and depend on the type of digital communication that we use – email, SMS, phone conversation, social media, etc

Industry 4.0

Automation of the production process thanks to the intense exploitation of sophisticated machinery.


Also are known as Information and Communication Technologies are the set of tools that facilitate both communications between people and the collection and analysis of information

Loans, guarantees and equity

The EU provides loans, guarantees and equity as forms of assistance, in relation to EU policy and programmes

OTT Communication

Over-The-Top Communications concern the communication solutions that function via the Internet. Users make use of OTT communication applications in order to cut communication costs ("What is OTT (Over-the-Top Communications)?", 2020)


The process of differentiating a product, service, or company in a customer’s mind to obtain a competitive advantage.


Are rewards to winners of contests from Horizon 2020. They are also called challenge prizes or inducement prizes


A set of related activities aimed at producing a product or service. The project can be implemented individually, as a team, or with the support of subcontractors.

Project management

all activities carried out to implement a project

Remote working

A form of work based on performing duties outside the organization's headquarters with the support of new technologies

Remote communication

communication over distance through new technologies


it’s the sum of Mental, People, Change and Results Agilities

Soft Skills (in the context of digital communication)

Those skills can also be called personal characteristics. In relation to digital communication the most prominent soft skills that the individual should possess are flexibility, lifelong learning, and curiosity

Social Media

Electronic media (such as different social networks and blogs) through which users create and share messages, information and all kinds of multimedia content in a community.


Are managed directly by EU national governments, not by the European Commission. For instance, agricultural subsidies are awarded to support farmers

SWOT analysis

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Time management (managing oneself in time)

a set of techniques, methods, and strategies which allow for the effective performance of specific tasks in the assumed time.

Tool (online)

Mobile or browser application.

Unified Communications (UC)

A system that encompasses a variety of communication methods/means (phones calls, chats, SMS, video conferencing, etc.)


a real-time video call function available on platforms such as MS Teams or Zoom


Is a condition or situation in which we feel comfortable. In the context of business, we talk about well-being, for example, when we fulfill ourselves professionally, realize our potential, deal with stress, and everyday challenges

Work-life balance

A concept of time management where the main aim is to find a balance between work life and career and private life and leisure time


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