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CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research

CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research is an independent, non-profit economic and public policy research institution established in 1991 in Warsaw. CASE today is an internationally-renowned think tank drawing on the talents of prominent economists and driving the creation of a network of partner institutions in transition countries. According to the 2017 Global Go To Think Tank Index, CASE was ranked the number one think tank in Central and Eastern Europe. CASE also had the honour of being the second-ranked social policy think tank in the world, behind the Urban Institute and ahead of the Brookings Institution, both in the United States.

On a daily basis, CASE carries out policy-oriented research and development assistance projects, aiming to provide objective economic analysis and to promote constructive solutions to the challenges of transition, reform, integration and development in order to improve the socio-economic well-being of societies.

CASE focus thematic areas include:

1. Fiscal Policy, macroeconomics and public finance

2. European Neighborhood Policy, enlargement, trade and economic integration

3. Labor markets, human capital and social policy

4. Investment incentives, innovation, competitiveness and entrepreneurship

5. Reforms, growth and poverty reduction in developing and transition countries.

CASE also aims to contribute to new debates facing Europe, including the economic impact of climate change mitigation policies and the economics of energy policy.

CASE has extensive experience in working with the international donor community (including the European Parliament, various Directorates General of the European Commission, DFID, GDN etc. Open Society Institute, Eurofound, UNDP, USAID and World Bank). In particular, we have carried out numerous assignments for various Directorates-General of the European Commission (e.g., DG RTD, DG ECFIN, DG SANCO, DG TRADE, DG TAXUD). CASE as an institution has accumulated substantial experience in managing large-scale projects for broad set of stakeholders with wide geographical coverage (EU-28, IPA countries, the EU Neighborhood countries, Euro-Mediterranean partner countries, Russia, Asia, Central Asia and Africa).

At the core of CASE’s researchers are the CASE Fellows. CASE experts are drawn from the academic community, the non-profit sector, private businesses and the public sector. This, combined with the wide-ranging geographic bases of our experts, ensures a diverse and multi-talented network of individuals who bring a wide range of expertise, experience and contacts to their CASE activities. CASE researchers have recognized evaluation and policy experience in socio-economic analyses resulting in deliverables of academic character and in the form of socio-economic policy recommendations.

CASE expert team combines a diverse knowledge of professional and qualitative research techniques and proficiency in data analysis and interpretation. CASE has conducted numerous studies and economic analysis in various research areas, widely using various state-of-the-art economic models, modern empirical methods, econometric analysis tools, and providing both academic research in the form of reports (methodological, technical, analytical) and policy recommendations structured along the relevant research questions (in the form of policy oriented working papers, policy e-briefs, publications). Broad experience of CASE experts in provision of reports and policy recommendations guarantees precise analytical thinking, broad viewpoint on the research concept and research deliverables of the highest quality.

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