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DEEP E-learning training material is the main result of the project. It will have a form of a toolkit comprised of guidelines, case studies, best practices and lessons learned, checklists, recommendations and tools to design, establish and teach digital entrepreneurship for enhanced employability in VET.

The DEEP toolkit will remain available for wider dissemination and uptake beyond EC co-funding, ensuring the preservation of results and their mainstreaming for its use in multilingual versions by VET systems across Europe.

Partners already defined the preliminary structure of the toolkit that will be then further fine-tuned to accommodate the results of mapping and stock-taking, the type, quantity and quality of the various items to be included in the toolkit, etc. At the moment, the toolkit is planned to be composed of such tools as:

  1. Set of Digital Skills for Entrepreneurship
  2. Best Practices: what worked in each environment under which circumstances
  3. Lessons Learned: what went wrong in each environment under which circumstances
  4. Guidelines: the "key" guiding principles of digital entrepreneurship in VET

Stay tuned!


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